Volunteering for the Heartland Symphony Orchestra offers the opportunity to become more engaged in the Symphony and its service to the community. Interact with our musicians and staff, fellow Symphony volunteers, and learn how the Symphony works behind the scenes.

Our volunteers are comprised of men and women from a diverse array of ages and backgrounds. We have a variety of important tasks that appeal to varying levels of skill and time commitment.

If you would like to volunteer at the HSO, fill out the form below or email us at

We look forward to your involvement in our volunteer activities!

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Become Our Friend

Heartland Symphony Orchestra supports creative and performing arts organizations in the Brainerd Lakes and Little Falls areas through partnerships and collaborations and by providing these links to their websites. If you would like your arts or cultural group included on our list, please email:

The Crossing Arts Alliance (TCAA)

The Five Wings Arts Council (FWAC)

Great River Arts Association (GRAA)

Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota

St. Francis Music Center (SFMC)

Greater Lakes Area Performing Arts (GLAPA)

Lakes Area Music Festival (LAMF)