Heartland Symphony Orchestra Remembers 40 Years

On Saturday, December 3, 2016, 7:30 pm and Sunday, December 4, 2016, 2:30 pm, the Heartland Symphony Orchestra continues its 40th year concert series with its winter performance titled “Remembrance”. The orchestra takes a step back in time as Alexander Corbett steps to the podium for his second concert as HSO’s new Conductor, directing the orchestra to well-known musical scores from Star Wars, The Sound of Music and the Nutcracker Suite. The HSO is pleased to be joined by members of the Brainerd High School Orchestra, at the Sunday Brainerd concert.

Saturday evening’s symphony performance will be at the Little Falls High School, Charles D. Martin, Auditorium, Little Falls, MN and Sunday at Tornstrom Auditorium in Brainerd, MN. Tickets for both performances may be purchased at the door, by calling 1-800-826-1997 and online at www.heartlandsymphony.com. Prior to each concert, Conductor Corbett will hold “Conductor Chats” to summarize the concerts musical selections in Little Falls at 6:45 pm and in Brainerd at 1:45 pm.

In keeping with our Remembrance theme, the orchestra and its board of directors pays tribute to an HSO player, Echo Kowalzek, who has been with the orchestra since its beginning in 1977. Residing in Little Falls, Ms. Kowalzek served as board secretary for 32 years and stopped playing just three years ago. She played the viola, after not playing for 18 years and then transitioned to her instrument of choice, the string bass, which she truly enjoyed. Fondly, Echo says the orchestra members were great people and made playing so enjoyable. For her, it was for the joy of playing and for the good music the orchestra brought to the Little Falls and Brainerd area.

The Heartland Symphony Orchestra is a 50-piece volunteer, nonprofit, community orchestra, and continues to serve the central Minnesota area of Brainerd, Little Falls, and the surrounding rural communities. Musicians, from amateurs to professionals, come together once a week from all over the region to rehearse and perform three full-length orchestral music concerts each season in both Little Falls and Brainerd.

Special guest artists and conductors, local soloists and ensembles, area youth concerto winners, and charming repertoire commentary all help to make each concert unique and entertaining. The HSO also contributes its service to communities through special events, and ticket giveaways. For more information about upcoming concerts or to get involved either as a player or HSO sponsor, please email [email protected].